S#Paper TitlePaper ID
1Influence of Rockmass Properties on Excavation Performance of Mining Shovel 24
2Efficiency Analysis of a Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Using QBlade 32
3Optimizing Fuel Generation Cost of Thermal Power Plants using Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm 51
4The Impact of Wheat Straw Ash as a Partial Cement Replacement Material on Concrete Properties 74
5A Study on Existing Mechanism of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Dadu City 109
6Impact Analysis of Future Probabilistic Growth of Roof Top PV in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Feeder of LESCO 116
7Principal Component Analysis: Development of Educational Index Equation for Secondary Schools 155
8Principal Component Analysis: Computation of Latent Roots and Latent Vectors for Index Equation of Higher Secondary Schools 156
9Institutional Structure of Municipal Administration: A Case of District Hyderabad 6
10To explore the factors leading towards delayed completion of thesis: students of master’s degree program 11
11Countermeasures of abutment scouring-An experimental approach 21
12Determination of Optimum Coal Blending Ratio for Cement Industries of Pakistan 29
13Effects of coal size, carbonization temperature and treatment time on the upgradation of coal properties 31
14Fungal assessment and Covid-19; a retrospective study from Hyderabad, Pakistan 34
15Study on Performance Evaluation of Cotton Boll Stripper 49
16Development and Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Thermal Hybrid Solar Collector 55
17Ecological Footprint Analysis in Academia: A case study of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan 72
18Emerging An Approach to Recuperate Condensate Water From Air Conditioners In Karachi, Pakistan 75
19Relationship of Production control with Time, Cost and Quality 82
20Arsenic Removal from Ground Water Using Solar Hybrid Capacitive Deionization Electrodialysis Module 83
21Driving Factors of Natural Gas Consumption in Pakistan based on LMDI approach 92
22Aids & Barriers Towards Online Education in Era of COVID 19: A Force Field Analysis 94
23A Proposed Underground Medium Voltage Feeder-Design Considering Ampacity and Temperature of Cable for High Rise Buildings in Pakistan 107
24Design and Modelling of Water Filtration Assembly Incorporating Graphene Embedded Membrane 108
25Techno-Economic Analysis of Standalone/Grid Connected Renewable Energy (Wind/Solar) System Using Hybrid Energy Modeling Tools Along China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Route in Hunza District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan 113
26Incipient fault detection in active-distribution networks based on Time-varying Kalman Filter 118
27Experimental Investigation of Evacuated Flat Plate Collector coupled with a Calorifier 120
28Simulation of Geothermal Energy obtained from Potential Oil and Gas Wells for Power Production Analysis 126
29Making a Case for Remote Working towards Positive Impact on Environment: Lessons from Covid-19 Lockdown 129
30An Investigation of Social Sustainability Awareness in Textile Industry: A Case of Kotri 135
31Field Programmable Gate Array based multi-algorithm relay for anti-islanding protection in smart-grids 136
32Performance Evaluation of DC Shunt Wound Motor and DC Series Wound Motor 154
33Identification and mapping of ground water contamination site of district Sanghar 160
34Improving the Performance of DFIG Based Wind Energy Conversion System Using Vector Oriented Control Scheme: A Case Study of 49.5MW General Electric Wind Power Plant Jhimpir 19
35Experimental Investigation of Energy dissipation through mixed densities of vegetation 20
36Quantifying Oil Supply Security of Pakistan 158

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