EESD2016 Proceedings

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development EESD 2016

November 01-03, 2016 Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan.

Edited by

Prof. Dr. Khanji Harijan
Prof. Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar
Dr. Jonathan Daniel Nixon
Dr. Faheemullah Shaikh
Dr. Pervez Hameed Shaikh
Engr. Nayyar Hussain Mirjat

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We are delighted to present to you the 4th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD-2016) conference proceedings. EESD-2016 was successfully held from Nov. 01 – 03, 2016 at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, Pakistan.

EESD conferences are organised by the Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group (EERG) with local and international collaborators every two years since 2009. These conferences are multidisciplinary, peer reviewed international events which provide opportunity for interaction to all the stakeholders from academia, industry, policy makers, public and private organizations to address the various technological and social challenges of the energy and environment field sustainable.

This 4th edition of International Conference on “Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD-2016) attracted original research papers of very high quality. EESD-2016 received 337 abstracts and 190 full papers out which 157 papers have been published in the conference proceedings. The proceedings have been divided into eight sections. Each section comprises of the papers of each of eight themes of the conference.

Overall 500 delegates including 20 international attended the EESD-2016. The keynote talks by eminent foreign and national speakers enriched all the attendees with thought provoking ideas and knowledge.

Editorial team thanks the organising committees, technical committee for valuable review of the submitted manuscripts, event sponsors, MUET, Jamshoro and all faculty members, staff and students who gave their time and energy to make EESD-2016 a very successful event.

Editorial Board


The organizing Committee of EESD-2016 acknowledges the cooperation and support from Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan, Pakistan Science Foundation, Islamabad, M/s. Pakistan Petroleum Limited, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company, RASTEK, PAKTECH, PCM for their financial support towards organizing the event successful. This support was particularly important as this enabled organizing committee for inviting the international and national delegates. The support extended by other organization and sponsors for holding EESD-2016 is also acknowledged.

The technical committee members who took all pain for reviewing the abstract/full manuscripts, the unbroken efforts of Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group of MUET, Jamshoro is worth to mention and highly acknowledged.


    1. Energy Conservation and Management (PDF file)

      Sr. # Paper ID Title
      I-1. EESD_2016_05 Design Analysis of Formula SAE Electric Vehicle Integrated with Battery Management and Protection Systems
      I-2. EESD_2016_11 Advanced Variable Frequency Drive to Drive Three Phase Induction Motor
      I-3. EESD_2016_19 Power Sharing through Droop Control for Parallel Inverters with Line Impedance Effect
      I-4. EESD_2016_35 Investigating the voltage control capabilities of PV power plants
      I-5. EESD_2016_55 Lighting Ergonomics (A Case Study towards Energy Conservation)
      I-6. EESD_2016_63 Characteristic Analysis of Hazardous Activities Associated with Oil and Gas Rig Assembling Operation: A Proportional Approach
      I-7. EESD_2016_68 Recognition of Potential Risk Factors with Suitable Hazard Reduction Measures for Well Control Operation for On and Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling: A Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessment Accession.
      I-8. EESD_2016_74 LV Three Phase Automatic Load Balancing System
      I-9. EESD_2016_80 Solar Cells – Recent Developments and Trends
      I-10. EESD_2016_85 Filtration of Wastewater by Using Plastic Bottle as Media
      I-11. EESD_2016_88 Shale Reserves; A Key Source to Overcome Energy Crisis
      I-12. EESD_2016_95 Clear Sky Models Applied for PV Production Assessment from Solar Irradiance
      I-13. EESD_2016_96 Environmental Management Practice and Firm Financial Performance
      I-14. EESD_2016_103 Fuel Optimization in Power Plant Based on Its Parameters Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
      I-15. EESD_2016_108 Analysis of Energy loss due to compression of thermal insulation in HVAC duct
      I-16. EESD_2016_125 Transmission of Dera Bugti, Baluchistan Gas Condensate Through Pipelines Economically
      I-17. EESD_2016_129 Building the Green
      I-18. EESD_2016_142 Review Study on Smart Grid
      I-19. EESD_2016_143 Prediction of grid parameters by applying only set of dates externally to the trained Neural Network
      I-20. EESD_2016_146 Thermo Active Building Systems; Technology, Application and Energy Efficiency for Buildings in Pakistan.
      I-21. EESD_2016_153 Rehabilitation of Distribution Network for Energy Management in Pakistan
      I-22. EESD_2016_163 Novel Application of Moth Flame Optimization Algorithm for solving Economic Load Dispatch Problems with Emission and Valve Point Loading Effect
      I-23. EESD_2016_172 Performance Prediction of Free Space Optical Link in Presence of the Rain using Bit Error Rate Parameter
      I-24. EESD_2016_179 Under Voltage Load Shedding Scheme to Provide Voltage Stability
      I-25. EESD_2016_189 Building Energy Management System by Using Hybrid Technology Microcontroller Based Occupancy Sensor
      Sr. # Paper ID Title
      II-1. EESD_2016_23 Biological Impacts of Ecotourism Development on Biodiversity
      II-2. EESD_2016_17 Designing and Strategic Cost estimation of stand alone hybrid renewable energy system
      II-3. EESD_2016_90 Application of Saline Water Reduces Growth and Development of Jatropha (Jatropha Curcas, L.) Seedlings
      II-4. EESD_2016_145 Ranking of Cook Stove Technologies for Sindh Province using Multi Criteria Decision Analysis
      II-5. EESD_2016_160 Correlation and Optimization Studies of different parameters for biogas production from Sugarcane Molasses – a Sugar Mill Waste
      II-6. EESD_2016_167 Effective Use of Tree Leaves With Pakistani Coal Through CoFiring
      II-7. EESD_2016_175 Biofuels Production Through Agrowaste Pyrolysis
      II-8. EESD_2016_181 Electricity from Solid Waste; Make city Green
      II-9. EESD_2016_226 Future prospects of biogas in Pakistan
      II-10. EESD_2016_235 Comparative Study of Diesel and Bi-fuel Water Pumping System
      II-11. EESD_2016_242 Production of Biofuel by Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Date Palm Seeds
      II-12. EESD_2016_259 Investigation of CI engine performance and emission characteristics using biodiesel blends with low level addition of alcohol
      II-13. EESD_2016_277 Domestic Fixed Dome Biogas Plant Installed at Khaskheli Village Hyderabad Bypass
      II-14. EESD_2016_300 Trans-Esterification of Poultry Skin and Fat to Produce Biodiesel
      II-15. EESD_2016_320 Biological Removal of Sulfur from Coal through Use of Microorganism. A Review
      II-16. EESD_2016_321 Cooking and Heating Energy Need Assessment of Kalkani Village of Kohlu District, Balochistan, Pakistan.
Sr. # Paper ID Title
III-1. EESD_2016_94 Utilization of Bio Fuel Cell Technology for Power Generation in Pakistan
III-2. EESD_2016_197 Inorganic-Organic Nano Composite Hybrid Membrane Based on Titania and Polystyrene for High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell
III-3. EESD_2016_199 Investigations on Gadolinium doped Ceria (GDC) electrolyte prepared via sol-gel and co-precipitation routes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell (IT-SOFC) applications
III-4. EESD_2016_237 Compatibility Issues of HHO Cell with Internal Combustion Engine
III-5. EESD_2016_303 Synchronization of Hydrogen Energy with Diesel Engine for Distributed Generation Applications
    Sr. # Paper ID Title
    IV-1. EESD_2016_12 Design and Analysis of cross flow impulse turbine for water stream near Trapi village KPK Pakistan
    IV-2. EESD_2016_20 Simplified and Accurate Photovoltaic Module Parameter Estimation Method Based on Single Diode Model
    IV-3. EESD_2016_22 Occurrences of Geothermal Resources and Geochemical Characteristics of Thermal Water of Sothern Indus Basin, Pakistan.
    IV-4. EESD_2016_52 Thermodynamic Assessment of Solar Chimney Based Air-Conditioning System for Agricultural and Livestock Applications.
    IV-5. EESD_2016_99 Modeling and Simulation of Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine
    IV-6. EESD_2016_100 Design and Development of Prototype Wind Concentrator Turbine
    IV-7. EESD_2016_113 Bioclimatic House Design Approaches in Rural Area of Mirpurkhas Sindh
    IV-8. EESD_2016_131 Parametric Study of Three Blade Vertical Axis Micro Hydro Turbines (VAMHT) by changing Blade Characteristics
    IV-9. EESD_2016_138 Speed Breaker Power Generator
    IV-10. EESD_2016_155 Review on Aerodynamic Design Optimization of Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
    IV-11. EESD_2016_164 Computational Studies on the Effects of Employing Water Filled Bags and Glass as a Chimney’s Material on Performance of Solar Chimney Power Plant
    IV-12. EESD_2016_170 Development of Standalone Hybrid Solar Wind Power Generation Model for Remote Areas of Pakistan
    IV-13. EESD_2016_174 Study of Incremental Conductance Maximum Power Point Technique under Non-Uniform Solar Irradiations Conditions for Solar PV system
    IV-14. EESD_2016_182 Comparative Engine Performance Analysis using Diesel fuel and Biodiesel derived from Waste Cooking Oil.
    IV-15. EESD_2016_183 Study to Investigate the Effect of Temperature on Performance of Thermotolerant Klueromyces Marxianus during the Production of Ethanol Using Numerical Simulation
    IV-16. EESD_2016_186 Modular Multilevel Converters – An Emerging Trend in Advanced HVDC Systems
    IV-17. EESD_2016_188 Regulation of Bus Voltage for Renewable Energy Based Direct Current Micro Grid
    IV-18. EESD_2016_194 Scope of renewable energy resources for fulfilling the energy gap in foreseeable future of Pakistan’s power sector
    IV-19. EESD_2016_231 Techno-Economic Analysis of Solar PV Water Pumps in Tharparkar, Pakistan
    IV-20. EESD_2016_248 Comparison of Thin Film versus Crystalline PV Modules for UtilityScale Electric Power Production in Pakistan
    IV-21. EESD_2016_263 In-Pipe Hydropower, an Unexplored Green Energy
    IV-22. EESD_2016_269 Municipal Solid Waste to Energy in Pakistan: A case study of Haripur District (Pakistan)
    IV-23. EESD_2016_290 An Intelligent MPPT Design of DC-DC Converter for PV in a PV/SC Hybrid Power System
    IV-24. EESD_2016_292 Sustainable Energy Measures in Saudi Arabia Based on Renewable Energy Sources: Present Actions and Future Plans
    IV-25. EESD_2016_302 Voltage Stability Improvement by Using FACTS Device  Static VAR Compensator (SVC)
    IV-26. EESD_2016_322 Performance Evaluation and Model Development of Solar Photovoltaic System: A Case Study for Hyderabad
    IV-27. EESD_2016_323 Enhanced Solar PV MPPT System for 12V Battery Charger

    Sr. # Paper ID Title
    V-1. EESD_2016_31 Socioeconomics Impacts of Land Valuation and Infrastructural Development in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
    V-2. EESD_2016_72 Study on Environmental Degradation and its Effect on the Property Devaluation in Hyderabad City.
    V-3. EESD_2016_122 Urbanization and Secondary Cities of Sindh Province: Towards More Effective and Sustainable Cities
    V-4. EESD_2016_156 Evaluating Site Suitability for Intercity Bus Terminal at Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan
    V-5. EESD_2016_187 Challenges of Unconventional Reservoir: It’s Time to Overcome Them
    V-6. EESD_2016_191 Inverse relationship between Poverty and willingness to pay for sustainable environment
    V-7. EESD_2016_212 Green and Sustainable Building and Material
    V-8. EESD_2016_243 Urbanization in Pakistan: Challenges and Way Forward (Options) For Sustainable Urban Development
    V-9. EESD_2016_246 The Technical Aspects of Unconventional Reserves.
    V-10. EESD_2016_252 Gas Cycling and Energy Development Studies of Gas Condensate Reservoir
    V-11. EESD_2016_265 Dynamics of Karachi as a Megapolis: Issues and Challenges
    V-12. EESD_2016_278 Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Based Smart Catastrophe Monitoring System for Factories
    V-13. EESD_2016_333 Environmentally Sustainable Natural Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics Using Ultrasonic Technology
    V-14. EESD_2016_338 Surveillance of sensitization and adverse health effects assessment by low molecular weight organic acid anhydrides exposure in the Site Area Kotri, Jamshoro, Pakistan

    Sr. # Paper ID Title
    VI-1. EESD_2016_27 Extension Worker’s Perception on Health and Environmental Hazards Posed by Urban Livestock Keeping in Makarfi Local Government Area, Kaduna State of Nigeria. Implications for Climate Change Mitigation
    VI-2. EESD_2016_43 Precipitation Trend Analysis in Pakistan using TRMM 3B42 Product (2001-2015)
    VI-3. EESD_2016_67 Identification of Potential Occupational Hazards with Relative Controls for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Chemical Operation during Oil and Gas Drilling Activity
    VI-4. EESD_2016_56 Concentration of Gas Emissions of Waste Burning in Incinerator at Different Temperature
    VI-5. EESD_2016_60 Intensity of Noise Pollution from the Industries at S.I.T.E Area Kotri
    VI-6. EESD_2016_53 Potential of Volunteered Geographic Information for Adaptation of Climate Change Effects in Pakistan
    VI-7. EESD_2016_54 Recycling of Human Scalp Hair as Environment Friendly Material in Cement Concrete
    VI-8. EESD_2016_102 Environmental impacts of hydro power plant[16MW] Naltar Gilgit Baltistan
    VI-9. EESD_2016_126 Dyeing of Nanofibers Using Ultrasonic Energy
    VI-10. EESD_2016_132 Influence of Environment on Resin Coated Mortar
    VI-11. EESD_2016_134 Emissions from Diesel Engine and Exhaust After Treatment Technologies
    VI-12. EESD_2016_135 Emissions Control Unit for Diesel Engine Exhaust
    VI-13. EESD_2016_140 COD and TOC Removal Assessment in Effluent From Anaerobic Bioreactor and Effluent From Cyclic Ozonation-Biotreatment in a Pulp Factory Wastewater Treatment
    VI-14. EESD_2016_148 Impact of Air Pollution from the Industries S.I.T.E Area Kotri
    VI-15. EESD_2016_149 Solid Waste Management-Incineration of Solid Waste of Karachi
    VI-16. EESD_2016_158 A Supply Chain Network Design and Decision Approach and Minimizing Carbon Monoxide Emission to the Environment
    VI-17. EESD_2016_162 Study on the Accidental Release of Toxic Gases and its Consequences Using ALOHA Technique
    VI-18. EESD_2016_168 Design of Solar Coal Hybrid Power Plant: Techno-economic Analysis
    VI-19. EESD_2016_169 Environmental Impacts of Thar Coal Mining
    VI-20. EESD_2016_201 Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfill Site Modeling Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA): Case Study of Sukkur city, Pakistan
    VI-21. EESD_2016_204 Quantitative ground water assessment of Lahore for sustainable water management
    VI-22. EESD_2016_208 A Holistic Approach to Preserve Sustainability of Haleji Lake by Using Eco-Tourism Theory
    VI-23. EESD_2016_236 Methods for Treatment of PAH Contaminated Soils; Review and Comparison
    VI-24. EESD_2016_253 Impact of Natural Climate on Socio-Economic Condition of People in District Tharparkar, Sindh
    VI-25. EESD_2016_272 Pakistan on the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and Role of Social Attitude Towards Climate Change and Challenges
    VI-26. EESD_2016_284 Purification of Copper Ion Contaminated Industrial Water by Activated Carbon Prepared from Scrap Rubber Tyres
    VI-27. EESD_2016_310 Rainfall impact on Ground Water Quality in Mirpur Sakro, District Thatta
    VI-28. EESD_2016_312 Analysis and Treatment of Washoff Water from Vehicular Service Centres in Hyderabad
    VI-29. EESD_2016_313 Contamination and Legislative Measures for Sustainable Growth of Business of Tanneries in Pakistan
    VI-30. EESD_2016_324 Repair of RCC Beams with Locally Available Polymer Modified Cementous Mortar and Ordinary Portland Cement
    VI-31. EESD_2016_326 Assessment of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment in Brick Kiln Industries at Tando Hyder, Pakistan
    Sr. # Paper ID Title
    VII-1. EESD_2016_3 Water and Energy Conservation at Source through Improved Surface Irrigation Techniques: A Case Study of Bahawalpur
    VII-2. EESD_2016_46 Mechanical Testing and Failure Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules
    VII-3. EESD_2016_128 Efficiency Improvement of Mini Hydro Pump Storage Power Plant Using Archimedes Turbine
    VII-4. EESD_2016_141 Foot Step Power Generation System
    VII-5. EESD_2016_151 Comparative Power Quality Analysis of Voltage Source Inverter Topologies
    VII-6. EESD_2016_159 Implementation of Condition Based Maintenance at Al-Noor Medium Density Fiber (MDF) Board Company
    VII-7. EESD_2016_210 Analysis of Seepage from Elevated Saline Disposal Channels of   LBOD-1 Nawabshah Component
    VII-8. EESD_2016_222 Economic and Technical study of Hybrid system (WindPhotovoltaic) Electrification for rural area of Tharparkar district, Sindh using HOMER software
    VII-9. EESD_2016_234 Power Quality Comparison of Three Phase Bridge Inverter Based Induction Motor
    VII-10. EESD_2016_255 Experimental Investigations of Hybrid Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
    VII-11. EESD_2016_256 Study to Investigate the Optimize Blending Ratio of Cow Dung Manure with Distillery Waste Water for Power Generation in Microbial Fuel Cell
    VII-12. EESD_2016_275 Foot Step Power Generation System
    VII-13. EESD_2016_280 Hydrotalcite Based Cobalt Catalyst for Synthesis of Hydrocarbons from Syngas
    VII-14. EESD_2016_281 Promoted Hydrotalcite Based Cobalt Catalyst for Fischer Tropsch Synthesis Application
    VII-15. EESD_2016_289 Solarization of Sensitive Load of Electrical Department MUET SZAB Campus
    Sr. # Paper ID Title
    VIII-1. EESD_2016_18 Pragmatic study of Fiscal Growth and Environmental Issues
    VIII-2. EESD_2016_28 Business Model for Dissemination of TERI Cook stoves in Kenya
    VIII-3. EESD_2016_36 Experimental Study of Oil Based Mud for Minimize Impact on Environment by Using Different Vegetable Oils
    VIII-4. EESD_2016_47 Determination of Factors and Characteristics of Change of Profession Attitude among Mekong Region Population
    VIII-5. EESD_2016_110 Health & Environmental Impacts of Slaughter Houses’ Condition on Society – A Case Study of Hyderabad City
    VIII-6. EESD_2016_121 Hydrology of Upper Indus Basin
    VIII-7. EESD_2016_152 A Review on Major Environmental Impacts of Petroleum Industry in Pakistan
    VIII-8. EESD_2016_161 Experiences of Displaced and Host Communities Undergoing Sustainable Development Project: A Case Study of Chashma Barrage Resettlement
    VIII-9. EESD_2016_193 A Hybrid Solution for Self-Sustaining Green Energy
    VIII-10. EESD_2016_225 Transmutation Study of Minor Actinides in PWR – Nuclear Waste Management
    VIII-11. EESD_2016_304 Teaching of New Narrative for Sustainable Renewable Energy Development in Pakistan
    VIII-12. EESD_2016_328 An-aerobic Co-digestion as an Optimized Technique for the Production of Biogas from Poultry Manure and Buffalo Dung