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Version: 04.03.2019


We are delighted to present to you the 5th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD-2018) conference proceedings (Volume-1). EESD-2018 was successfully held from Nov. 14 – 16, 2018 at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, Pakistan.

EESD conferences are organized by the Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group (EEERG) with local and international collaborators every two years since 2009. These conferences are multidisciplinary, peer reviewed international events which provide opportunity for interaction to all the stakeholders from academia, industry, policy makers, public and private organizations to address the various technological and social challenges of the energy and environment field sustainably.

This 5th edition of International Conference on “Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD-2018) attracted original research papers of very high quality. EESD-2018 received 250 abstracts and 200 full papers out which 138 were accepted. This conference proceedings (Volume-1) comprises of 47 of total accepted papers. These proceedings have been divided into seven sections. Each section comprises of the papers of each of seven themes of the conference.

Overall 400 delegates including 15 International attended the EESD-2018. The keynote talks by eminent foreign and national speakers enriched all the attendees with thought provoking ideas and knowledge.

Editorial team thanks the organizing committees, technical committee for valuable review of the submitted manuscripts, event sponsors, MUET, Jamshoro and all faculty members, staff and students who gave their time and energy to make EESD-2018 a very successful event.

Editorial Board



The organizing Committee of EESD-2018 acknowledges the cooperation and financial support from Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC), M/s. Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), RASTEK Technologies, PAKTECH, PCM Hi-tech, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), United Energy Pakistan (UEP), Analytical Measuring Systems (Pvt.) Ltd., Technology Links (Pvt.) Ltd., towards organizing the event successful. This support was particularly important as this enabled organizing committee for inviting the international and national delegates. The financial support extended by other organizations and sponsors for holding EESD-2018 is also acknowledged.

The technical committee members who took all pain for reviewing the abstract/full manuscripts, the unbroken efforts of Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group of MUET, Jamshoro is worth to mention and highly acknowledged.

We also acknowledge the efforts of following individuals who were involved in composing, editing and publishing of these proceedings.
Mr. Ahsan Ali Morai
Miss. Lala Rukh Memon
Mr. Kundan Kumar
Mr. Azeem Panhwar
Mr. Akhund Shoaib


Theme-I:  Water & Wastewater Engineering & Treatment

SNo.Paper IDPaper Title
1EESD_2018_35A Review on Selection of Sustainable Constructed Wetlands for Greywater Treatment
2EESD_2018_72Modeling and Simulation of Fixed Bed Column for Adsorbing Arsenic from Groundwater
3EESD_2018_138Quantitative Assessment of Mine Water at Lakhra Coal Field as a Source of Drinking Water
4EESD_2018_17Assessment of Quality of the Drinking Water at Different Food Stalls in Hyderabad City
5EESD_2018_174Status of Wastewater Generated from Car Servicing Facilities in Hyderabad City

Theme-II:  Waste to Energy Technologies (WET)

S No.Paper IDPaper Title
II-1.EESD_2018_45A Multi-Criteria Analysis of Options for Power Generation from Biomass in Pakistan
II-2.EESD_2018_141Potential of Fruit Waste for Production of Renewable Source of Energy
II-3.EESD_2018_245Investigation of Starch and Protein in “IRRI Broken Rice” By Acid Hydrolysis and Kjeldahl Method
II-4.EESD_2018_248Process Simulation and Optimization of Dimethyl Ether Production from Synthesis Gas: A Review

Theme-III:  Renewable and Emerging Technologies (RET)

S No.Paper IDPaper Title
III-1.EESD_2018_43Simulation Study of Fractured Reservoir for Enhanced Oil Recovery
III -2.EESD_2018_47Renewable Energy Technologies in Balochistan: Practice, Prospects and Challenges
III-3.EESD_2018_63Performance Analysis of a Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Under Low Wind Speeds Using Q-blade
III-4.EESD_2018_76Socio-Technical System Model Development for Micro Hydro Power Projects
III-5.EESD_2018_79Micro Hydro Power Projects: A Socio-Technical Survey to Kalam District Swat, Pakistan
III-6.EESD_2018_101A Short Review on the Use of Nanotechnology in the Field of Energy and Environment
III-7.EESD_2018_108Overview of Equilibrium Adsorption Uptake by Adsorbent–Refrigerant Pairs for Adsorption Cooling Application
III-8.EESD_2018_114Identification of Different Solar Water Heating Systems
III-9.EESD_2018_187Advanced Simulation of Biomass Gasification with User-Defined Kinetics
III-10.EESD_2018_201Fabrication of Smart Road Prototype Using Piezo-Electricity Technique
III-11.EESD_2018_243Maximum Energy from A Single Wind Turbine in Pakistan
III-12.EESD_2018_252CFD Modeling of Solar Flat Plate Collectors for Evaluation its Performance with Different Working Fluids
III-13.EESD_2018_256An Analysis of Energy Savings from Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air Conditioning System

Theme-IV:  Materials Recycling and Environmental Sustainability (MRES)

S No.Paper IDPaper Title
IV-1.EESD_2018_6Millet Husk Ash as Environmental Friendly Material in Cement Concrete
IV-2.EESD_2018_22Comparing the Effects of Straw and Rice Husk on the Durability of Mud Brick
IV-3.EESD_2018_52Antibiotic Assisted Formation of Metal Nanoparticles and their Applications in Sensors
IV-4.EESD_2018_71Benefits of BIM on Green Buildings
IV-5.EESD_2018_84Iron Oxide Modified Zeolite from Coal Power Plant Ash for Pollutant Treatment
IV-6.EESD_2018_86Impact of Total Quality Management (TQM) Practices on Sustainable Development
IV-7.EESD_2018_95Utilization of Nagarparker Kaolin Purification Plant Waste Material as Value Added Product
IV-8.EESD_2018_194A Revitalization of Traffic Management Plan and The Impacts of Hawker in Saddar Bazaar Karachi
IV-9.EESD_2018_244Developing Silver Nano Particles Based Optical Sensor for H2O2Detection in Environment

Theme-V:  Energy Conservation and Management (ECM)

S No.Paper IDPaper Title
V-1.EESD_2018_17Analysis of Net Zero Energy Housing Society in Karachi, Pakistan
V-2.EESD_2018_40Impact of Insufficient Electricity Supply on Pakistan’s Agriculture Sector: Evidence from OLS Regression Analysis
V-3.EESD_2018_154Design and Fabrication of Small-Scale Organic Rankine Cycle by Utilizing Low grade Heat Sources
V-4.EESD_2018_169Cost-Benefit Analysis of Different Offshore Power Generation Options
V-5.EESD_2018_220Producton of Heat Islands Through High Rise Buildings
V-6.EESD_2018_225Electricity Demand and Supply Sides Scenarios for Pakistan (2016-2037): Impact of Energy Efficiency and CO2 Mitigation in Residential and Industrial Sectors

Theme-VI:  Climate Change and Air Pollution Control (CCAPC)

S No.Paper IDPaper Title
VI-1.EESD_2018_19Performance Evaluation of Evaporative Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems for Climatic Conditions of Pakistan
VI-2.EESD_2018_42Behavior of Climate And Deterioration of Historical Building
VI-3.EESD_2018_221Assessment of Thermal Comfort: A Case Study of Architectural Design Studio at Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro
VI-4.EESD_2018_242Are Healthcare Green Buildings Just a Certification? A Path Way to Transform Conventional Building into Green Building

Theme-VII:  Environmental Pollution & Control (EPC)

S No.Paper IDPaper Title
VII-1.EESD_2018_83Simulation of Fixed Bed Adsorption Column for Removal of Fluoride from Ground Water Using Indigenous Kaolin
VII-2.EESD_2018_109Worksite Stress and Its Mitigation of Onshore Drilling Sites in Sindh, Pakistan
VII-3.EESD_2018_234Precision Agriculture & Crop Management System with Android Application & Web Development
VII-4.EESD_2018_236Harmonic investigation of three phase cascaded H Bridge multilevel inverter using multicarrier PWM techniques
VII-5.EESD_2018_253Utilization of Industrial Plastic Waste as a Strength Modifier in Roads
VII-6EESD_2018_255Production Optimization Through Line Balancing and Value Stream Mapping: A Case Study at International Textile Ltd